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My present work "Fallen Dreams" is a continuing project starting with my BFA terminal project at University of Oregon. I have very much been influenced from growing up in a logging and lumber community in Oregon.  The projects are comprised of snapshots of dark rooms, buildings and outcroppings that reflect my growing up in a blue collar environment. 
Over the past five years I have tried to capture these snapshots, by creating structures and props out of mat board, card board, tape, glue and whatever I can get my hands then photograph the miniature scenes or dioramas
with a 4x5 view camera. The scenes or dioramas are rarely larger than a foot tall and couple feet wide. The simple use of light help create the moods and surreal atmospheres that are presented into my photographs.  Growing up as part of the T.V. generation I try to create my photographs as if they just a single frame cut from a movie.  
I have been influenced by photographers David Levinthal photographing his toys,  Cindy Sherman recreating herself, Lori Nix creating intrigue, fantasy and horror to her land and cityscapes. Cinema from pre-World War II German with their use of dramatic light, Hollywood from the 1940's and 50's, but no other artist has influenced me more than painter Edward Hopper for his use of directional light that create the mood and atmosphere in his paintings.